Christina Richards


It was great spending time with you and meeting your family. Thank you so much for your warm hospitality and sensitive translation during a very difficult time. Thank you also for making a special trip up to Astana to deliver the gifts from Aigul as well as the flash drive. Best wishes and please come visit us if you should ever come to Utah.

Sabrina Kuechenhoff


Yerlan was a great guide! He took us on a custom-made tour and was ever so patient, kind and helpful. He is also very knowledgeable, educated and speaks English perfectly. Could not have chosen a better guide. Thanks a lot!!

Yu Hin


Yerlan is an excellent guide. I reached out to him months before my trip and he helped tiredlessly me with the booking of hotel, arranging transfers, and gave me advice on my other days in Kazakhstan, even though i was not traveling with him on those days. He also provided help after the conclusion of the tour, as he helped me to get my jacket left behind in Kurchatov back. Yerlan also provided excellent guiding service in Semipalatinsk and have vast knowledge of Kazakhstan, politically or culturally. I highly recommend him.

Arnoux Victor


It was truly a very experience to visit Kazakhstan, I think we\'ll recommand it to everyone!! Thanks again for spending this time with us, it was very very nice to get to meet you, all the best for your interview, and we hope to see you in France very soon :)

Андрей Морозов


Мне посчастливилось, провести неделю в Астане в прошлом июне. В один из дней была организована экскурсия на Altyntau. Нашим гидом был Ерлан. Хотя экскурсия началась рано утром а закончилась ближе к 10 вечера время пролетело незаметно. Очень приветливый и эрудированный, с большим кругозором наш экскурсовод познакомил нас с удивительным миром Казахстана. Спасибо, Ерлан. Надеюсь еще увидимся !

Аида Айткулова


Ерлан, большое спасибо за сопровождение и интересную экскурсию в г. Шахтинск! Нашей команде очень понравился экскурс в историю и интересные факты о местностях, которые останутся в памяти надолго. Вы профессионал своего дела! Очень надеюсь, что вновь удастся поработать с Вами.

Ta M. Li, USA


Yerlan and Yerden were commissioned by the World Mining Congress, held in Astana between 18 to 23 June 2018 to support services including social and commercial tours for the International delegates. First, the cultural tour was executed by Yerlan and was a most outstanding experience as we drove and visited Astana\'s tourist attractions. In the evening we toured the Bal Qaragai Family resort where was were introduced to Kazahk foods, dance culture, music and life in a Yurt with a full banquet. They described all the food being served as well as the local adult beverages. Needless to say, these were great experiences for us. They were also responsible for four industrial site visits for delegates to a precious metals, industrial mineral, coal and copper tour, all about 4 hours from Astana by bus We took the trip to the Bozshakol copper mine, owned and operated by KazMinerals. This was well done as we visited the mining camp, open pit mine, followed by a brief walk through the crushing and grinding facilities in the mill. Kaz Minerals was well cognizant of world safety practice as we were outfitted with safety glasses, shoes and hard hat. We also wore reflective flap vests. The Safety program included a comprehensive video outlining the hazards associated with open pit mining. Yerden had knowledgeable facts of the Kazakhstan country side during our journey to and from the mine. In closing, I would definitely call on the Guidemeinastana group on any and all future ventures to Astana and Kazakhstan. In support of both business and leisure visits, they offer both professional and educational experiences that is sure to make your stop in Astana memorable and enlightening.

Marek, Poland


Hi Yerlan. We are back home, but nice memories are still there. Thank you for being with us. It was pleasure to meet you. Hope to see you next year.

Настя, Минск


Спасибо за прекрасно проведенное время,насыщенную программу и вкусную еду! Так же отдельное спасибо Ерлану, действительно столько полезной информации, от души, с желанием и любовью к своему городу, родине, истории! Время пролетело очень быстро, надеюсь получится встретиться! Спасибо!

Иннокентий Евдокимов, Санкт-Петербург


Иннокентий Евдокимов, Санкт-Петербург СПб Ерлан, на моём пути Вы один из самых лучших гидов! Было очень приятно с Вами познакомиться и провести эту поездку в Вашей компании!

Алена Эйвел, Москва


Друзья, спасибо всем за интересную поездку! Компания у нас сложилась замечательная! Организаторам большая благодарность за возможность познакомиться с Казахстаном и проделанную работу! Вам удалось создать нужную атмосферу. Ерлан, Вам огромное спасибо за то, что в буквальном смыслу погрузили нас в историю и культуру такой замечательной страны! Много интересной и познавательной информации! Лично для себя я открыла Казахстан с новой стороны. Впечатления самые положительные!

Анна Пикуль, Омск


Омск на правах ближайших территориальных соседей, пользуясь случаем, в очередной раз благодарит радушный Казахстан, в том числе организаторов, за предоставленную возможность снова насладиться красотами и вашим гостеприимством!!! Ерлан - открытие года таких гидов ещё поискать! Настолько увлеченных своей работой людей нужно беречь, охранять и ценить! Оценить такой вклад невозможно ввиду отсутствия таких размеров! Надеемся на продолжительное и плодотворное сотрудничество! РАХМЕТ!!!

Johan Hirn, Karine Benoit, Hong Kong


Now stuck in HK traffic jam and missing the steppes! It was such a great trip! Thank you again for everything! Johan & Karine

Edward Hartmann, Belgium


Many thanks.. You are the best.

Cornelis Noordzij, Frank Duplessis


Fantastic trip, fantastic group, fantastic guide - loved it! Thanks for everything, you are the best

Mark Seaborn, Belgium


Brilliant! Thanks very much for an amazing week! Mark

Ronald Bergwerk, USA


It\'s been a blast. Thanks for your excellent services, buses, meals and cheerful demeanor.

Simon Dancey, USA


thank you for such an interesting and well planned tour

James Banfill, USA


Thanks!!! It has been a wonderful trip. Excited to come back and see you in September

Laurie Griffith, USA


So many thanks for the impeccable service and beautiful visit to your country. I loved my holiday so much - thanks to you!! You’re the best.

Paul Heaton, Emily Heaton, England


We have had such a great time in Kazakhstan that we shall be sorry to leave! Thanks massively for all of your help. Hopefully meet up again in future.

Frank Villante, Gail Gorham, Australia


Fantastico. Grazie per tutto. Salute alla tua famiglia.

Ray Cunningham Jr., John Cunningham, USA


Thank you so much for your warm hospitality. I will be in Kazakhstan again in September as a result of the wonderful time we had. Almaty is worth a longer stay. Jon and I both had a wonderful time.

Tong Lam, Portugal


Many thanks again for being an amazing guide.

Matty Cockran


Yerlan was incredibly knowledgeable and thoughtful. I had an amazing time and was surprised at Yerlans efforts to go above and beyond ensuring my trip went according to plan. I highly recommend Yerlan if you intend on visiting Kazakhstan

Laurie Griffith, NY


Greetings Yerlan from New York, Sorry for the delay in thanking you for the wonderful wonderful wonderful visit to your beautiful Kazakhstan!!!!!! You were a wonderful host and you really rolled out the red carpet for us. We were so lucky to have you as our guide. Everything was perfect. Nothing could have been better. I enjoyed every aspect of the visit and I hope I am lucky enough to return one day. Thank you for picking me up at the airport in Astana and making sure I got picked up in Almaty. You worked so hard on my behalf and I really appreciate it! I will always remember the trip. It was my dream to see your beautiful country! All good wishes to you and your family!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Владислав Андрианов


Группа вчера уехала. Гостям все понравилось. Отзывы гостей о вас очень хорошие!) Вы молодец! :)

Marcus Neumann


Dear Yerlan, 2018 is coming to an end and it’s time to look back. Doing so, one highlight of the previous year was my visit to Kazakhstan in May. It was a pleasure to be on the tour and I liked the way, you are guiding the tour! By the way – here are my pics from the tour: I wish you and your family all the best for 2019! Kind regards, Marcus Neumann

Alan Whiteman


Yerlan is an absolute gem of a driver / guide to find, he is fun, passionate, knowledgeable, enthusiastic, extremely helpful, caring, polite and accommodating. Yerlan was with us for 4 days, but we also used his service for our airport transfers. He was always on time to collect us from our hotel, and he was there waiting for us when our flight landed. What separate Yerlan from other guides or drivers I’ve used on my holiday’s, is that Yerlan makes small touches that make all the difference, not only to your holiday but to your relationship with him, Yerlan was texting me for about 2 weeks before hand, just to give us advice from dress wear to wishing us a safe journey. The attention to detail this man puts into his trips is brilliant and you should not think twice or hesitate about booking his services, my holiday to Kazakhstan was amazing and this is because Yerlan made sure we had a great time, when I come back to Kazakhstan I’ll 100% be meeting him again. You’ll leave Kazakhstan with a new friend!

Paul Fitzpatrick


Амандас- Dublin City Ireland.. Yerlan - hope all is good with you. Once again I want to say a BIG THANK You for making our trip to your Country so memorable.. the beauty of your country, together with the knowledge & hospitality that you show us will always remain a Warm Memory in my mind even if the temperature drops to minus 50 it will never freeze the memory that I have of you, your Friends & your Country. Haven’t stop talking about you to our Friends, Neighbours & work colleagues - will encourage as many people as possible to visit Astana - Kazakhstan & use your service only. Keep Safe & Keep Warm..

Marylise CHARLES


Everything went very well with Yerlan. He made us a very nice trip in Astana and was always giving us lots of information about history of Astana and Kazakhstan. We had a very nice time with Yerlan and will warmly recommend him.

Peter Calvert, Maree Debenham


We had a fantastic time exploring Astana with our guide. He was knowledgeable and a great ambassador for this stunning city. We saw the Baiterek Tower, Hazrat Sultan mosque, played in the ice park, ate traditional Kazakh lunch, visited Khan Shatyr and had a really good look around the city and its architecture - all with a wonderful guide who was a good driver! We wouldn\'t have been able to explore this city without him and it was well worth the price paid. Would contact again if we come back

Anna and Niels


We had dinner with a lovely young couple :) The food was delicious and the couple was very talkative (they answered all our questions about the everyday life in Kazakhstan). All in all they were great hosts, always endeavored around our well-being (for example by always keeping our plates full :D ). A wonderful experience!



Yerlan picked me up at the airport and showed me around the city for the day. He has excellent knowledge and good English and good conversation! Everything went exactly as planned and he dropped me back at the airport for my onwards flight at just the right time. Thanks for your company Yerlan.

Andrzej Wisniewski


We had a great time with Yerlan on our recent trip together. Lots of relevant knowledge, great organization and nice personality - we can totally recommend Yerlan for your future trips around Kazakhstan. Good luck!

David Fries


Yerlan is a great guide. Everything was perfectly organized, and he went out of his way to accommodate all of my preferences for the trip. He is also a great conversationalist. Highly recommended.

Beatrice Geri


My husband and I were in Astana just for a short time so we decided to visit the city with a guide, and Yerlan was the perfect one! he brought us around the old part and the new part of Astana, the Expo and the different religious buildings, explanining the history and many interesting things about Kazakhstan! He is very professional, knows everything about his city and his country and was always very funny! and as we are italian he could explain both in english and italian language. Yerlan is definitely a great guide! :-)

Hillary Chang


I highly recommend Yerlan!Yerlan is a very reliable and friendly tour guide who speaks good English. He is knowledgeable and very willing to share about Kazakhstan history, culture and even nature! We had a day tour with him to the Burabai and was shown the most amazing view, somewhere that even the locals don't know about! From pre-trip reminders to being taken very good care of during the trip, one cannot ask for more and we were very lucky to have Yerlan as our guide.

Gunnar Knetchel


I can highly recommend Yerlan.Yerlan is passionate about what he does and has a lot of knowledge. It has been a pleasure listening to him and I learned a lot about Astana, Kazakhstan, the architecture, the food and the daily life.Thank you Yerlan!!!! I had a fantastic time!!

Eric Stewart


My wife and I spent a day with Yerlan and can highly recommend him. He is extremely knowledgeable and speaks English fluently. We learned so much about amazing Astana and Kazakhstan in general and during our day with Yerlan. It was our first day of a two week visit, so it was a great start of our holiday. Thank you Yerlan!

Elena Quadri


Buongiorno. Appena tornata da un viaggio nell\' anima kazaka che mi ha lasciato dentro una grande emozione. Sapevo, partendo, che avrei visitato una capitale \"originale\", parchi naturali infiniti, paesaggi diversissimi tra loro e una storia importante da conoscere e comprendere. Una cosa che non conoscevo e che mi ha affascinato è l\'affidabilità delle persone, sentimento che mi ha molto colpito. Ti voglio ringraziare Erlan per la tua professionalità e per la cura con cui hai accompagnato me e i miei compagni di avventura, nel tuo fantastico paese. Torneremo!

Patrick Thornley


Recently arranged a tour with Yerlan for a winter exploration of the National Park and environs. He did a great job of organization. Everything was on time, and went off like clockwork. His knowledge of both historic & current history is first rate. Even had time for a bit of a city tour on the way back to the airport. Great communication, reasonable rates. When I get back to Astana, I know who to contact for travel arrangements.

Adriana Ruzittu


Il vostro servizio è stato ottimo, l\'autista disponibile, educato e corretto. Sulla guida mi vorrei di... una persona eccelente, molto capace, molto preparata, molto disponibile. Ve lo consiglio vivamente perchè ne avrete grandi vantaggi. Parla bene italiano, ve lo consiglio per accompagniare gruppi di italiani

Edward Hartmann


Dear Yerlan, After a few days of rest I have started my regular job in Amsterdam again. Thank you once again for your effort to make everything work out. Its almost impossible to explain all the nice details of our trip to my wife (I don’t tell about all the meat I ate.. hahaha) Good luck with other coming groups!! Eddo.

Simon Cockerell


Thanks so much again for all the hard work Yerlan, you really made the tour amazing as before and I am so grateful indeed! Have a safe trip back to the north and the warmest greetings from boiling Ashgabat! Speak to you soon, thanks a million times!

C Haste


I had the pleasure of having Yerlan as my guide during a recent visit to Kazakhstan. Before arriving there, Yerlan maintained good communication with me and was always quick to respond. When I arrived, I was promptly met at the airport and quickly taken to my comfortable hotel. In addition to his excellent organization skills, he has wonderful knowledge and perspective about his country. I learned so much and greatly appreciated hearing the many stories that he shared. If you get the chance to visit Kazakhstan, I recommend that you connect with Yerlan, he truly made this trip memorable.



I did a trip recently with Yerlan. He was excellent and knew everything about everywhere we went. Nothing was a problem for him and he helped enormously with getting restaurants to understand what I could and couldn\'t eat as I am a coeliac. Always on time with a smile on his face, he was a pleaseure to travel with.

Ashley Walker


I did a 10 day trip in Kazakhstan with Yerlan as my guide. He was absolutely brilliant throughout. Incredibly knowledgeable, gentlemanly and really cares about his clients welfare. Thanks Yerlan !!

Serafino introcaso


Eccellente guida Yerlan Shegenov per espressione bravura cultura e disponibilità

Frances O\'ROURKE


Yerlan was our guide in May 2019. He is kind, patient, professional and loves to show visitors his country. I highly recommend him.

Lucia Criscolo


Ciao Yerlan, Sono Lucia e sei stato la guida del nostro gruppo il 16 maggio ad Astana, volevo ringraziarti per lo splendido tour che ci hai fato fare e chiederti se puoi inviare le foto che hai fatto quella giornata. Grazie ancora di tutto, Lucia.

Clelia Bonino


Buongiorno, sono Clelia Bonino del gruppo Mistral Tour. Puoi per favore inviarmi le foto che hai fatto durante la visita di Astana? Grazie

Michael Nugent


Excellent guide of Kazakstan and a great ambassador for his country

Brian Crowley


Wow, Kazakhstan was amazing, and Yerlan made a challenging itinerary flow very smoothly. He was great company, and always had a fresh perspective on the places we visited. Thanks, Yerlan!

Sina Rellstab


Yerlan is wonderful. I had to organise a trip to Astana for 9 people and he helped me wherever he could. Despite all my questions and a certain mistrust in the beginning from my side, he was always honest and transparent. He responded at any time to any question. When we had the tour with him, it continued positively like befor. Thanks to his knowledge, he was able to tailor an individual tour according our preferences and interests. Additionally, he was able to answer all questions we had. He is friendly, has a positive and motivated attitude and is always smiling. Thanks to Yerlan, our time in Astana was very convenient and we got a deeper insight about the life in this crazy city. I am incredibly thankful for everything he made for me and my group.

Sylvia Orchard


An incredible experience I will never forget! I made a very last-minute booking on the off-chance Yerlan would be free and I am so lucky he was. Our two-day trip to Burabay was amazing, all thanks to Yerlan\'s guidance. He knew so much about the history and stories behind each place we visited and was more than happy to answer my many questions about Kazakh culture. The drive was safe, comfortable, and well-worth the time to see such fantastic landscapes. He showed off the wares in the local market, and shared them with me. They were absolutely delicious! He even helped me with checking into my hotel near the park. We hiked around the lakes through beautiful forests and even up to the highest peak. Climbing the mountains was sometimes difficult but he was always there to help and happy to take a rest whenever I needed it. Swimming in the lakes was so refreshing after the hike and he even helped me find my goggles when I lost them. I would definitely take another tour with him in the future! As a guide he is kind, thoughtful, knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the places he visits. He has my highest recommendation :)



Yerlan, was aiming to WhatsApp you last night at the airport but the WiFi was rubbish. We had a good day, started at Khan Shatyr, and walked down to the Pyramid via the tower. Opera house was classed on Monday. Sergei showed up early and got us to the airport ok. Everything went smoothly. Thanks again Mark

Beate Eggerstein


Good morning and I just like to say thank you for the great night tour yesterday evening and also the excursion on Saturday, it was a pleasure meeting you. Kind regards, Beate

Marissa Cleveland


Dear Yerlan, thank you for being our guide! We have appreciated the depth of your knowledge. Thanks for the mix of history and trivia and for helping make sure people understand and are proud of their birth country. I have also appreciated you making sure the bus counts are correct! Many thanks, Ties Kazakhstan 2019. Marissa.

Janne Portala


Very interesting. Roma was very helpful with his english skills and all around fun guy. Thank you for whipping this journe up with such a short notice :).

Sebastian Holler


One of our most memorable trips. The Semipalatinsk Nuclear Test Site is an experience one will never forget. And if one is looking for such an adventure, Yerlan is definitely the guide to do it with. Huge knowledge on historical facts spiced up with funny, insightful and eye opening anecdotes that make history become alive during the trip. He gives suggestions for interesting photo spots and is eager to organize a full experience of reality for you and that you get what you paid for and even more. Yerlan is a great organizer but also open for coincidental or short-term opportunities and a good connecter to interesting locals you would have never thought to meet before. Thus for any trip that needs professional guidance or special permit in Kazakhstan Yerlan is the one to contact.

Jan Languard


The tour to the Atomic test site is a very interesting and good tour. Yerlan is a fantastic tour guide. Extremely good knowledge about what he is speaking about. He is very helpful and very willing to share his knowledge. I strongly recommend the Atomic test site tour.

Ian Riceq


My Brother and I are keen Dark Tourists and having booked our trip to Khazakstan, really didn't know what to expect. After a really enjoyable stay in Almaty we joined Yerlan in Semey for our private tour. Yerlan was very well read on history and military conflicts, giving us an incredible understanding of the country. He provided local guide help allowing us access to areas often unseen on local maps and guides. We were not worried about our safety and enjoyed the ride in Yerlans 4x4. I hope to see you again sometime Yerlan. Good fortune with yoiur venture . Ian and Colin( United states of Great Britain ???? )( Not to be confused with the European Union ! haha )

Maximilian Feldbach


Yerlan is a super nice guy and knows a lot about the nuclear test site and it\'s history! In summary everything was perfect and I can highly recommend you to book a tour with Yerlan! It\'ll be worth it! ✌️

Krzysctow and Kasia


Yerlan is a great guide! We had a blast at the Semey test site, super enjoyable time. Yerlan was able to effortlessly troubleshoot problems as they arose and deliver an unfortgettable experience.

Michael Klenner


Yerlan did a great job. He has an intensive knowledge about history and facts about the semey nuclear test site. He is a fun guy. Unfortunatly his 4x4 car broke down on the tour. He solved the problem very good by organizing an alternative driver (who unfortunatly didn\'t speak english).

Steven, USA, Massachusetts


Yerden was great, very knowledgeable and friendly. He also made great restaurant recommendations. He treated us really well. Thanks!

David, Scott, Beverly Hills, California


Yerlan, this is Scott and Dave and just wanted to thank you so much for everything you did for us. You\'re ammmazing, and we love you! So, here is Dave. Thank you for everything Yerlan, we had a great time, we couldn\'t have done this without you. We are so thankful. And Scott can say, he\'s happy! Bye-bye!!

David Giacoma


In September 2019 a friend and I traveled to Kazakstan for a one week visit to Nur-Sultan. After perusing out options online we choose Yerlan. Great decision! Yerlan turned out to be more than a guide, he became a friend and a vital resource for two Americans on their own running around Kazakstan. Yerlan spent two days with us. One driving to Burnaby National Park to explore the beautiful nature. The second day to visit the Eagle Hunter and his family to learn about Kazak culture and have an excellent horse meat dinner! Both great excursions and cherished memories for us. We loved our time driving and hanging out with Yerlan. He is extremely knowledgeable not only of Kazakstan but also of Russia and world events. We loved our time discussing the world from a perspective so different from ours! Yerlan is a great story teller with a great sense of humor! During six days on our own, Yerlan was ever present as he took care of our airport transfers, talked to our taxi drivers when they couldn\'t get us to our hotel, helped us replace broken eye glasses and answered questions we had during the week. He is dependable. I highly recommend Yerlan his English is great, and you will never forget him!



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