Museum of ethnography and Central Asian jewelry

«NOMADIC LIFE FROM HOUSEKEEPING TO THE ART» Visit to private museum: 1. An Yurt – logic and wisdom of nomadic house. 2. HOME OF THE NATION: decoration and applied arts, household utensils and pieces of art. Playing instruments, wearing old clothes and national jewelry are good reason to have a photo session. Modern art in the museum is added accompanied with pictures made of leather and wood, stylish items of interior. 3. Ever constant Kazakh hospitality and dastarkhan (a table) with national dishes, “Awuz tiyu” (tasting a meal) – these impressions will be the brightest. 4. Yard of antiquity. Collections of samovars, carpets, household and art items of turquoise ethnicities. 5. For a memory of this museum antiquity, author works and souvenirs may be bought.