Hunter eagle farm

WHAT IS IT? Along with urban sightseeing and tours, knowledge and experience of nomadic life is demanded quite often. Generally, after collectivization, industrialization and consequent urbanization there are almost no nomads in Kazakhstan anymore, for almost 90 years. Nevertheless, this interest may be satisfied. Ethno-awul still bears many old-fashion features of nomadic life. INCLUSIONS. • Hunter eagles’ farm – we will learn how eagles are kept, grown, fed and used at hunting. Simple tricks may be demonstrated, and, of course, photographing with eagles. • A lunch (or dinner) in yurt – traditional nomadic house. Menu may be ordered according to taste of visitors. Most positive feedback now are attributed to beshbarmak, manty, kuwurdak, kumys, shubat (fermented horse and camel milk), joint cooking bawursak, milk tea, talkan, zhent, kospa (traditional nomadic sweets), tary, kurt and more conventional foods. Alcohol beverages are not served. • Improvised concert by host party – kids and parents sing and dance, often guests join. • Shooting arrows with a bow. • Riding a horse. • Traditions – cutting horse fetter (freeing toddler child), introduction of a bride, blessing.