Korgalzhyn lakes - World Heritage of UNESCO

Korgalzhyn is chain of 83 lakes fed by a single river, Nura. Its area is around 5 4000 square kilometers and such a huge wetland, of course, is excellent stopover for birds of migration. Every summer up to 50 million birds of 155 species arrive here to grow their chicks. Most notable birds are pink flamingoes, pelicans, storks, herons, cranes, many species of predators – eagles, hawks, falcons etc. Birdwatchers say that up to 20% of global populations in pink flamingoes live here in the summer. One of lakes, Tengiz, has concentration of salt seven times higher than in any sea, around 20%, and nothing can live is such a salty water, except tiny red cancers that are excellent natural food for flamingoes. And those cancers convey pink color to flamingoes’ feather. Infrastructure is quite poor. Roads are rough, toilets, café and other convenience facilities are largely absent, so think carefully before going to Korgalzhyn! But real enthusiasts of bird watching go there without a doubt. Do you too, see you in Korgalzhyn!!