Burabai lake

Burabai is natural oasis and lake in 3 hours drive from Astana. Being north extremity of the Great Steppe it looks very different from the rest of Central Kazakhstan, more like South Siberia that is just in 200 more kilometers to the North, where Kazakhstan-Russia border goes. Burabai is chain of few lakes, has beautiful landscape and the air with amazing property to heal lung diseases: pneumonia, asthma and even tuberculosis. These properties were discovered more than 2 centuries ago and since then many lung resorts and sanatoriums had been built here. The area is also related to several famous people like Ablai-khan (one of most prominent persons in Kazakh history), philosopher Vernadsky, nuclear physicist Kurchatov and future leader of USSR Leonid Brezhnev. Nature is really beautiful and within one or two days – up to your choice – we will do a lot of hiking and finish the tour by having Azerbaijani meal. Welcome to Burabai!!