May, 2-11 we’ve made a big tour across half-Kazakhstan, I guess. Very interesting, diverse and emotional one.

Two days were spent in Astana, travelling around and learning about history and nowadays of the country. It all finished with a lunch with local family. Lunch was really lovely, and host family was very talented – grandpa is a writer, grandma is a journalist, two of four sons sang a lot of songs and played kazakh national instrument, dombra. Departure was very emotional.

Next two days were spent at former Semipalatinsk nuclear test ground. We’ve made a lot measurements to ensure the environment was safe, visited museum of nuclear technology, Ground Zero (the very center of first Soviet nuclear explostion), Atomic lake (artificial one, created by using nuclear charge), abandoned long-range bombers’ base and had a lot fun, of course.

A day was spent in Semei, where incredibly beatiful gallery of fine arts is, and museum of Dostoyevsky.

Next day we had short stop in Ust-Kamenogorsk and then headed to Karaganda. In Karaganda we were lucky to participate in a rally dedicated to Victory Day, then left to Almaty.

After good lunch we hardly left our hospitable hosts.

Dinner in Astana.

Museum of nuclear technology.

Control, where literally RED BUTTON was pressed.

About coming out of the bus at Ground Zero. All safety measures are taken, all devices on.

As numerous measurements have shown, after several recultivation and deactivation sessions this area is safe. Generally, it is about the same that you can catch at dentist’s X-ray device or half of doze taken in airflight.

Abandonen and looted headquarters of long-range bombers’ aerodrome.

The bunker, where RED BUTTON was pressed.

Atomic lake.

In Semei we were lucky to see celebration of Kazakhstan Army day.

Victory park in Semei.

The mosque looks like a church, funny, isn’t it?

Alley of Lenin statues.

Collection of Soviet armoured machinery. The nearest one is T-72, one of the best models.

Victory Day rally and celebration.

People go.

Panfilov park in Almaty.

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